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Woman in Modern Call Center

5 Trends That Will Make Call Centers More Modern and Responsive

Posted on : 24,Apr,2018

The telephone used to be the primary device to connect companies with customers. Many companies have replaced the term “call center” with “contact center,” because the telephone is no longer the only means of communication that customers use.

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12 Call Center Key Performance Indicators

Posted on : 5,Oct,2017

When you’re assessing the efficiency of a call center, it’s important to analyze the call center’s key performance indicators or KPIs for short. However, it’s not often clear which KPIs to measure and track over time. Here’s a list of the top 12 call center key performance indicators.

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3 women in a call center answering the phone using headsets.

Let a Call Center Solicit the Customer Feedback Your Business Needs

Posted on : 5,Sep,2017

It’s always been true that a happy customer is a repeat customer and that’s reason enough to aim for customer satisfaction because repeat customers often serve as the backbone of any business, especially in service industries such as optometry or dentistry.

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callcenter with 2 call center representatives back to back answering phone calls.

How Call Center Representatives Build Customer Trust

Posted on : 30,Aug,2017

Call center representatives are constantly striving to do their jobs well, but there are challenges. One of the hardest things they face is when a prospect assumes a defensive manner. When that happens, they offer as little information as possible in responding to questions.

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Call center with numerous people answering telephone calls.

How to Craft the Perfect Answering Service Script

Posted on : 28,Jul,2017

Now that you’ve decided to use a call center to handle incoming calls, it’s time to think about what you want your answering service script to include. It needn’t be a challenge if you follow a few simple tips. Here’s how to craft the perfect answering service script for your virtual receptionists.

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8 top tips for being productive

Posted on : 5,Jul,2016

We all only have 24 hours in a day, yet some people are more productive than others. Many would just put this down to genetics – some people are just wired to be more productive than others – but in this insightful Virgin Podcast, New York Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, Charles Duhigg explains that […]

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The Evolution Of Customer Service

Posted on : 21,Apr,2016

For consumers the future of customer service cannot come soon enough. The customer experience landscape is ripe for disruption. Companies are slowly making progress toward more seamless and simpler customer experiences. Today only a select few companies leverage all the technology at their fingertips to enable customers to use the technology they use daily in […]

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Why Customer Service Matters in the Healthcare Industry

Posted on : 11,Apr,2016

The importance of customer service is a given in business, where companies such as Zappos and Southwest Airlines (LUV) have built their success and reputations on the concept of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Yet traditionally, this philosophy unfortunately has not translated to healthcare, and more specifically, hospitals or health systems. This is especially unfortunate […]

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Managing your customer relationships

Posted on : 15,Mar,2016

When running a high-growth business you could well find the amount of attention you can devote to each customer becomes increasingly stretched as your company develops and your client base expands. But even when rapid growth places additional strain on the product or services you deliver, it is essential to remain aware of the importance […]

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10 Tips On How to Make Customers Feel Good

Posted on : 15,Mar,2016

There is currently a TV ad for a major telecom company. After the saleswomen describes the benefits of the product to her customer, he responds, “I appreciate that you appreciate me as a customer.” She responds, “Well, we appreciate that you appreciate that we appreciate you.” They continue going back and forth describing how much […]

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