Telephone Answering Service for Financial Advisors

Telephone Answering Service for Financial Advisors

Cititel Telephone Answering Service for Financial Advisors. As a financial advisor, you create blueprints for the next 30+years of your client’s lives and spend your time and energy helping them obtain their financial goals.

Your client’s expectations include your availability at any time, during day or night. In the Financial Advising Industry, missing calls are missing opportunities, because 80% of callers don’t lave a voicemail message, they simply call the next company on the list.

Cititel Telephone Answering Service make sure that all your calls are answered by a real person, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here is a quick summary of How It Works:

  • We take your calls just like a receptionist at a large company. When customers dial your phone number(s), a Cititel operator answers with specific business information.
  • Calls are dispatched (or screened) as you pre-arrange
  • Urgent calls are transferred directly to you and messages carefully taken for others.
  • Callers can be given the option of recording a message to a voice mailbox or the operator
  • Cititel´s system automatically delivers message to your cell phone, text pager, email or fax machine.

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