Medical Appointment Reminders

Cititel Medical Appointment Reminders

Cititel Medical Appointment Reminders. Patient nonattendance at scheduled medical appointments represents a serious problem for many healthcare providers. Also, no-show and appointment cancellations, negatively impact physician practice or hospital revenue and cause inefficiencies in office staffing and overall operational performance.

Cititel can schedule appointments for you. Our agents can either use your existing online scheduling software, or we will provide our own to use for no extra charge. All appointments are made in real time so that your staff can see appointments as they are scheduled.

After an appointment is made and as the time for the appointment draws near, the company sends an automatic reminder to you and to your customer via email.

You decide when and how often these reminders are sent.

To reduce the patient no show rate and alleviate the concomitant negative impact, health care organizations have tried a variety of strategies. One particularly useful intervention seems to be adopting an appointment reminder system, i.e., remind patients a few days prior to their appointments via phone call, email or SMS.

Cititel Medical Appointment Reminders provides you with the ability to automate and improve the way you communicate with your patients. Save valuable office personnel time, and increase your patient satisfaction by using customizable text, email and voice reminders to streamline you’re appointment scheduling. Cititel Medical Appointment Reminder Services allows your organization to reduce the time your personnel spend on appointment reminders from hours to just minutes each day. As an extension of your team, we reach your patients when and how they want to be contacted.

Cititel Medical Appointment Reminder Services will help your organization to decrease your no-show rate, and increase your face time with patients in the office. Cititel provide a seamless brand experience by sending welcoming and professional voice, text, and email appointment reminders to patients. By automating the appointment reminder process for you, we increase your personnel’s productivity, reduce patient no-shows, boost your revenue, and help you deliver a consistently superior standard of care.


Remind patients of upcoming appointments with physicians affiliated with your hospital or practice
Reach patients when and how they want to be contacted with perfectly-timed, professionally delivered calls, texts, and emails
Spend less time calling and more time meeting patients’ needs
Automatically upload appointments to your daily schedule
Receive detailed daily reports of all patient interactions including confirmations, reschedules, and cancellations
Provide customized, consistent, compliant patient communication

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