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5 Trends That Will Make Call Centers More Modern and Responsive

Posted on : 24,Apr,2018

The telephone used to be the primary device to connect companies with customers. Many companies have replaced the term “call center” with “contact center,” because the telephone is no longer the only means of communication that customers use.

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Man leading a group of women in a call center

Turn Abandoned Calls for Take-Out into Sales Using a Call Center

Posted on : 7,Nov,2017

Take-out is all about convenience. It’s a simple enough process: The customer calls in, places an order and either picks it up or has it delivered. But the fact is restaurants have about a 20 percent call abandonment rate. That means that one out of every five customers calling to buy food, get tired of being on hold and hangs up.

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alt: 3 women at a call centre order taking over the telephone

Why You Should Outsource to a Call Center for Order Taking

Posted on : 31,Oct,2017

In recent years, order taking services have grown into an integral part of the outsourcing industry. The main reason behind this growing popularity is that any manufacturer who sells products online or through television or radio, needs to have an efficient way to process orders.

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Let a Call Center be the Voice of Your Company

Posted on : 19,Oct,2017

A company may be aware of the face it presents to the public but it also needs to be aware of its voice – specifically, the voice of the people staffing its call center. That’s because customers form their first impression of a company by the attitude of the person answering the phone.

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How Health Care Call Centers Improve Patient Satisfaction

Posted on : 17,Oct,2017

When patients call their doctor’s office, it’s because they have a medical problem that needs to be dealt with. They don’t want to deal with a harried receptionist who may be trying to deal with in-office patience or worse, be put on hold for an extended period of time. Research has shown that being stuck on hold is one of the top reasons given for patient dissatisfaction.

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12 Call Center Key Performance Indicators

Posted on : 5,Oct,2017

When you’re assessing the efficiency of a call center, it’s important to analyze the call center’s key performance indicators or KPIs for short. However, it’s not often clear which KPIs to measure and track over time. Here’s a list of the top 12 call center key performance indicators.

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Things Your Call Center Reps Should Never Say

Posted on : 19,Sep,2017

Good call center scripts call for professional language, a positive tone and a considerate and sympathetic manner when speaking to customers over the telephone. However, there are less obvious and potentially harmful phrases that should also be avoided. Some of these phrases may seem appropriate at the outset, but when they’re examined more closely, you […]

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3 women in a call center answering the phone using headsets.

Let a Call Center Solicit the Customer Feedback Your Business Needs

Posted on : 5,Sep,2017

It’s always been true that a happy customer is a repeat customer and that’s reason enough to aim for customer satisfaction because repeat customers often serve as the backbone of any business, especially in service industries such as optometry or dentistry.

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callcenter with 2 call center representatives back to back answering phone calls.

How Call Center Representatives Build Customer Trust

Posted on : 30,Aug,2017

Call center representatives are constantly striving to do their jobs well, but there are challenges. One of the hardest things they face is when a prospect assumes a defensive manner. When that happens, they offer as little information as possible in responding to questions.

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3 women wearing headsets in a call center world map in the background

A Call Center’s Importance Varies By Industry

Posted on : 16,Aug,2017

In industries where customer service and high call volumes are expected, call centers offer an invaluable service. It’s safe to say that any company can benefit by having a team that specializes in handling customer questions or complaints, as well as taking and forwarding messages in a timely manner.

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