Methods of Delivery

Methods of Delivery

The patching service

Connect the caller and person asked for is available by the minute billing only if used or a monthly flat rate depending on your usage and is more economical than a full time receptionist.

Priority Page

Priority Page Is a fast growing application that is available on Smart Phones and Android Devices. No need to carry two devices (a pager for the reliability and a cell phone) with Priority Page you get the reliability and coverage of a pager right on your phone. All you do is call us to order your app and you are on your way, down load it and your done it is that easy. You will know right away that it is work related. If you have a business where it is imperative that you receive your message without the worry of Cell phone towers being down, dead zone and poor coverage then Priority Pages is what you need. Priority Page is working well in many industries and it can work for you. Click for more information on Priority Page.

Text /SMS

Your messages can be sent right to your cell phone as a Text / SMS.

Email & Email Response Feature

Messages can be emailed to your devise and or multiple email addresses. With the Email Response feature you may reply to any email sent to you by Cititel. You do not have to call in to confirm the receipt of the message sent all you have to do is reply back to confirm.

Fax Feature

You can choose to receive your messages by Fax, at a scheduled time each day, week or month, or you may want to receive your messages as they are received.


Cititel Operators can call and leave message in voice mail or Messages can be relayed to on call or person asked for.


Callers can be directly connected to you or your on-call

Hold Messages

Messages can be held until you call in to collect them

Online Message Retrieval

You can go Online and login to your account and retrieve your message at your convenience from anywhere in the world where there is INTERNET connection.