Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering Services

Canada Medical Answering Services.

When hospitals merge and health systems expand, multiple, disparate processes are thrown together at once. Streamlining patient engagement and communication efforts across multiple locations can be overwhelming.

In addition to dedicated phone coverage, Cititel Medical Answering Services Triage urgent and non-urgent messages so the on-call provider maintains quality of life and only receives urgent messages real-time to any device.


Leverage current business operations to customize protocols, greetings, message templates and on-call information so a seamless experience carries through to each patient interaction.

Provide the safety net so your practice phone lines never go down through system and network redundancy and backup technologies.

Daily reporting of messages provides transparency in call management and provides the appropriate handoff for staff follow-up prioritization and

Our telephone answering services solutions improve operational efficiencies, streamline billing, reduce costs, save staff time, consolidate data capture and reporting, and offer consistent experiences for patients and physicians.