The Power behind the Call!

Harnessing intelligence to empower today’s call centers.

A major pioneering innovation, Startel’s Windows-based Call Management Center features new “Intelligent Form Routing,” which provides the most advanced scripting functionality ever introduced. Available in both the Message and IntelliForm environment, Startel’s revolutionary CMC supports both menu and response-based prompt routing to accommodate even the most complex accounts with the utmost speed and efficiency. The CMC fully exploits the power of a relational database and comprises Startel’s Central Processing Server, Intelligent Dispatching Server, Switch Communication Link, Administrative Controls and Agent Interface.

Connecting to a world of possibilities!

Here’s proven Startel performance you can trust. The STARTEL 5700 includes a self-contained integrated ACD Digital Switch, which performs the following key switching functions:

Accepts incoming calls from the central office
Switches or routs incoming calls to live agents, generic automated answer, PAA, or voice-mail
Initiates outgoing calls via local or long-distance lines

Combining efficiency with functionality, Startel’s Voice Processor gives today’s call centers a full repertoire of time-saving features, including conference bridging, operator-less paging, and enhanced voice mail services. Clients can record multiple voice mail messages, offer time-activated greetings, receive faxes, access their accounts remotely, receive automated wake-up calls, deliver voice messages via e-mail, and much more. Startel makes setup fast and easy, and customers can check messages without agent intervention. In short, Startel’s Voice Processor is a model of flexible voice messaging, and a truly exceptional value!

Reaching new heights!

Using the Startel Voice Logger, you can automatically record live conversations at your call center and store them as discreet digital recordings (MP3) for future playback. Startel’s Voice Logger has the built-in intelligence to record only live voices—so you can forget dead-air recordings (like hold time) and endless searches. The integrated relational database provides quick and powerful queries on recordings by date, time, agent, caller ID, and/or customer ID. You can record both inbound and outbound conversations for timely feedback to agents—perfect for performance reviews and training. And no more “he said, she said” disputes.