Overflow Call Answering Services

Overflow Call Answering Services

Cititel Overflow Call Answering Services. Did you know that 67% of people hang up the phone out of frustration if they can’t reach a real person? That’s more than two-thirds of your callers. So if you want to maximize your chances of gaining favor with current and prospective clients, don’t leave your phones to voicemail. A live-voice answering service is the way to go. The receptionists at Cititel are always friendly and professional, presenting a polished image for your company on every call.

There is really no limit to what live-voice receptionists can do for your organization. Our call center is prepared to answer for any call volume, and messages will be instantly communicated to you via phone, email, text, or pager. An overflow service can reduce or eliminate the need for hiring additional staff to man your phones, and those savings will quickly add up.

Handle Peak Overflow With Our Answering Service

Assuming you don’t want to (or simply can’t) increase your staff temporarily (or even permanently) for these peak overflow times, you may want to consider using a professional answering service for this very reason. Entrusting your overflow phone traffic to a company like Cititel Telephone Answering Services can free up your staff to do what it does best and, at the same time, serve your callers seamlessly, efficiently and professionally.

Our highly trained answering service operators can provide a number of services, including:

Responding to sales calls
Assisting your customers
Monitoring complaints
Receiving and relaying messages
Transferring calls
Providing basic information such as pricing, hours and location

Call today for more information: 1.888.923.2533, send us an email to info@cititel.com or request information online.