Benefits of Telephone Answering Service for Dental Offices


Benefits of Telephone Answering Service for Dental Offices. For a dental health provider, excellent customer service is critical. To stand out from your competitors, you need to take what could be a dreadful experience for your patients and instead make it convenient, personalized, and pleasant.

This process all starts with having the right reception services. Did you know that 67% of clients hang up the phone out of frustration if they are directed to voicemail? When clients contact your office, they should always be met with a courteous and helpful live-voice representative. Your business is too important to risk losing patients because of a bad first impression. Specialty’s dental answering service ensures that your first impression is always a positive one.

Your patients expect the utmost professionalism and highest quality dental care when they are in your hands. Establish this expectation of excellent service the very first time they call your office and don’t make the wrong impression by letting patient calls go to voicemail or, worse, unanswered.

Key Benefits of a Telephone Answering Service for Dental Offices

Save on Labor
Keep Your Dental Office Open 24/7/365
Patient calls will never go unanswered
Patient calls will never go to voice mail
Provide a highly professional first impression
Flexible message delivery
Messages Delivered the Way You Want Them

Cititel offer Telephone Answering Services to dental offices in Edmonton and all Canada.

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