Why You Should Outsource to a Call Center for Order Taking

Posted on : 31,Oct,2017

 alt: 3 women at a call centre order taking over the telephone

In recent years, order taking services have grown into an integral part of the outsourcing industry. The main reason behind this growing popularity is that any manufacturer who sells products online or through television or radio, needs to have an efficient way to process orders.

Call center order taking services can meet the various requirements of your particular business. If your product is a bit complicated or needs an explanation for some of its components, an order taking service through an inbound call center may be just what you need.

Here’s why you should outsource to a call center for order taking.

Services Offered

Friendly customer care representatives will speak to your customers to help them to learn more about the different products or services you offer. Customer care order taking services include:

  • Calls answered on behalf of your company
  • Personalized call reporting
  • Round-the-clock, 365 days-a-year order taking
  • A secure connection
  • Superior inbound call routing features, including call overflow and automated menu selections
  • Quality service and efficient sales closings
  • Cost-effective handling of large call volumes
  • Handling of different product catalogs
  • Quick turn-arounds
  • A personal touch earns the trust of a customer
  • All information relating to sales and related enquires are sent directly to you

Businesses view inbound order taking services as the ideal situation that allows them to free up their valuable time to concentrate on spreading the message about their products and services rather than dealing with enquiries. This allows companies to reach their goals faster.

You can also resolve personnel issues, reduce the cost of order taking and instantly upgrade your technology by using the services of an order taking call center.

Why it Works

Providing a toll free number for order taking and support is vital to the success of online sales. Customers find you online and locate the products they want to order, but they may have questions or just feel better talking to a live person.

Agents are trained so that they feel like they’re working for your company and will take pride in projecting the brand image of your company.

Satisfied Customers

A call center has been proven to be highly effective when it comes to customer satisfaction and reorders. Because the call center is the first time a potential customer comes into contact with your brand, it’s important that the process be error-free to protect your company’s image.  Well-trained customer service agents at a call center can do that and make it more likely that the caller will be satisfied and become a repeat customer.

Turning Inquiries into Sales

Sometimes people call to ask about pricing or have other questions about a product or service. A good call center agent can turn these callers into customers and help to boost overall sales.

No Missed Sales

When you use a 24-hour inbound call center, you will never miss an order. Being available around the clock also gives customers the impression that your company is operating on a large scale.

Overcoming Language Barriers

An in-house order receiving department may not be able to help customers who don’t speak English, but a call center can hire agents who are proficient in more than one language so that target customers who speak different languages can be served.

Wait Times Minimized

It’s a fact that being kept on hold makes customers frustrated and lessens their faith in a company. Using a call center for order taking minimizes wait times through the use of technology and strict adherence to proper call center procedures.


Establishing in-house order taking comes with a high price tag. Recruitment, training and salaries all add up. Combined with the costs associated with setting up infrastructure, hardware and software, the costs can be prohibitive for many businesses.

Outsourcing order taking to a call center is a much more cost-effective solution.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Call center agents work hard to please your customers while also looking for ways to increase sales through cross-selling and up-selling. They can sometimes help customers to decide on purchasing a higher-priced item than the one they originally called about and offer customers additional products that are either related to their purchase or something completely different that they think the customer may be interested in. It’s what you would expect from your in-house reps and it’s what you should expect from an outsourced call center.

Cross-selling and upselling can increase a company’s sales by as much as 25 percent.

Outsourcing product order taking to a call center can either supplement your in-house staff or be the sole method you use to sell your products and services. Either way, sales will be significantly influenced for the better.

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