Time Management Tips And Techniques To Increase Productivity


Time is the most limited resource we have. The entire world is now functioning fast, requiring us to keep up with the pace. However, this is easier said than done, as more than 70% of all employees work during weekends and their free time, while half of corporate employees answer their emails before even getting out of bed. This never-ending race against time leads to mental and physical exhaustion.

On the other hand, companies seem to lose thousands of millions yearly due to employees’ poor time management. These facts are not pretty at all, regardless if you are an entrepreneur, an employee or an employer.

There are many ways to implement better time management, but before we dive into them, with help with this time management infographic from MinterApp we must identify the main time wasters. When you “waste” time you are doing unproductive things, such as:

answering calls and emails
having casual chats
indulging in too many meetings
trying to micro-manage
not setting your priorities right.

There are many more time wasters out there, but most of them are linked in one way or another to those in this list. It’s important to identify them and work on counteracting them by employing the next time management tips and techniques.


Photo credit: Minterapp via minterapp.com

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