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Top Twitter Real Estate Marketing Tools

Posted on : 17,Jan,2017

Twitter can be a fantastic real estate marketing tool. It’s cost-effective and helps you maintain and build your sphere of influence. If you’re not already using Twitter, check out this article to get started. If you’re already actively tweeting, read on to learn about four of the most useful tools to improve your Twitter real […]

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Social Media For Doctors & Medical Practices

Posted on : 18,Oct,2016

Did you know that use of social networks is the #1 activity of internet users? Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media avenues are still some of the fastest-growing sites today. If you’re looking to engage existing patients — or find new ones — you need a strategy to effectively leverage social media […]

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How Digital Marketing Will Change the Health Care Industry

Posted on : 18,Oct,2016

The health care industry is jumping aboard the digital marketing bandwagon. The health care industry is well known to lag behind other industries when it comes to marketing by about two years. Between HIPAA compliance regulations that dictate how patient information is used and stored and FDA restrictions that put a microscope on how a […]

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7 Content Marketing Tips For Healthcare Companies

Posted on : 13,Jul,2016

Healthcare may not be the first sector you think about when it comes to content marketing. Nevertheless, health is a business like any other. Out of all the statistics today, the most pertinent one is only 12% of companies are ignoring content in their marketing campaigns. If this doesn’t tell you all you need to […]

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The Three Goals of Marketing

Posted on : 22,Jun,2016

Many people thing that the purpose of a business is simply to make a profit. However the real purpose of any business is to create and keep a customer. Profits are the result of creating and keeping customers in a cost effective way over time. Companies that are most efficient a marketing, have their strategies […]

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Why People Buy

Posted on : 21,Jun,2016

PEOPLE BUY products and services to satisfy their needs. In economics, they say that every action that you or I take is because of what is called a “felt dissatisfaction.” We feel dissatisfied in our current condition for some reason. Because of this dissatisfaction, we are internally motivated or driven to take an action of […]

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Four Approaches to Successful Marketing

Posted on : 17,Jun,2016

THERE ARE four ways that you can approach your market with your products and services. Creating Utility The first is by creating utility, usefulness, and by satisfying the needs of your customers to achieve a specific result. This approach requires that you offer customers something they need and can use to accomplish their other goals. […]

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How a public relations agency gain over $1 million in sales by using publicity to his advantage.

Posted on : 31,May,2016

When Peter Shankman was downsized out of a job in 1998, he was nearly broke and not sure what to do next. Of course, all problems contain new opportunities. What his former employer couldn’t take from him when they ripped away his access card was the inside knowledge of how media works. As a result, […]

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A strong personal brand will enhance your life, no matter what you do for a living

Posted on : 25,Apr,2016

Most entrepreneurs understand the importance of branding when it comes to business. Building a well recognized and respected business brand ads tremendous value and can create a significant competitive advantage. Just ask Apple. So why, then, do so many entrepreneurs fail to recognize the value in building an equally recognized and respected personal brand? Personal […]

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