Cititel Live 24/7 Answering Service for Property Management Companies

Cititel Live 24/7 Answering Service for Property Management Companies


Cititel launched in 1991 at Edmonton, Alberta. We started with a passion for delivering information in a professional manner to the mobile workforce—and our appetite for excellence never wavered. Instead, we kept upping the ante by introducing new cutting-edge technology for small to large-sized business.

Cititel have been expanding its live 24/7 answering services to all types of industries in Canada and the United States including property management companies.

An Answering Service not only ensures that your property management company is open for business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, but also gives tenants, owners, and employees instant access to the maintenance staff when they needed it. People need to know there will always be someone to whom they can reach out.

Also, an answering service can help your business close more leases and reduce vacancy times by giving 24/7 access to prospective tenants or purchasers to rental or sales information, even when the office is closed.

An answering service suits all type of companies from big property management companies, medium sized property management companies, and residential property managers to rental property owners with 1 or more units.

Some of the main benefits of an answering service for property management companies are:

• 24/7/365 Live Operator Answering Services with immediate pick-up
• Quality of message taking
• Quality of message delivery
• Taking and delivery of information concise, fast and efficient
• Multiple Message Dispatch Options (pager, cell phone, email, or fax)
• Custom Account Design
• Specialty Call Screening
• Cultivate and maintain long-lasting relationship with tenants and clients
• Provide the kind of customer service tenants and potential clients appreciate.
• Increase revenue, close more leases and reduce vacancy times
• Emergency Call Handling
• Non-emergency Call Handling
• Overflow Call Handling
• After hours Call Handling

With 25 years of proven superiority in the answering service industry, you can count on Cititel Answering Services to help your business flourish. We look forward to becoming part of your team and welcoming you into our family.

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