Book Appointments and Manage Your Calendar

Book Appointments and Manage Your Calendar

A telephone answering service is a service that answers incoming calls for other businesses. An answering service offer many benefits for small businesses and companies in all the industries. A telephone answering service not only answer calls, but also do other tasks, such as acting as a switchboard to transfer calls to the appropriate people. Even better, some virtual receptionists can be trained to use your calendar and diary software, which means they can book, cancel and rearrange appointments for you. This is a great way to cut down on time-consuming admin.

How an answering service Works

We take your calls just like a receptionist at a large company. When customers dial your phone number(s), a Cititel operator answers with specific business information. Calls are dispatched (or screened) as you pre-arrange- urgent calls are transferred directly to you and messages carefully taken for others. Callers can be given the option of recording a message to a voice mailbox or the operator – Cititel´s system automatically delivers message to your cell phone, text pager, email or fax machine.

Cititel´s Canada Telephone Answering Services helps your business increase revenue, lower costs, provide better customer care and maximize every opportunity. Request more information.

Focus on Running Your Business

A real person answers your calls with your company name – no “voice-mail-jail” to turn customers off.
Stops interruption of calls and inquiries you don´t have time to deal with.
A fraction of the cost of a salaried receptionist
Operators are trained in courteous, professional phone reception
Automated message deliver to your pager, cell phone, email, or fax machine
Affordable monthly service plans

For more information about our telephone answering service, call us to: 1.888.923.2533, send us an email to or request a quote online here